Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Tuesday Truth: Coupons

I'm going coupon crazy lately! Coupons are awesome at saving you a little here and there and who doesn't need that!?! Last year I started hearing about all these people doing this "coupon" crazy thing where people would buy like 200 bucks worth of groceries and get out with only spending 68 bucks or such. I'm finally trying to jump on the bandwagon. Who knew there would be things to learn about couponing!! That's right, I'm going to what some would call the extreme with couponing. I'll keep everyone updated on the ins and outs and how it goes - if it's worth it, ect. I've also been doing paid to click sites again. I've found that if you redeem coupons that you get at InboxDollars you can also get cash from there. It's only ten cents a coupon, but hey, that will definitely add up!

My Tuesday Truth = Coupons are great!


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