Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Planning: Land & House Plans

We went land scouting on the way home from Lake City Sunday. Out of ten sections of land, ranging from 1 acre to 206 acres, we narrowed it down to about three that we liked. Of course it's not like we're going to be buying it right now, but if we do happen on a great deal - who knows!?!

As far as house plans go... although we'd both love a courtyard, it's basically impossible to do with a tiny home. I suppose I could sit down and come up with something, but no matter how it's worked I think that a courtyard in the middle will make the house look HUGE. Chris likes the idea of a breeze way, but I don't want a boxed home like those that Kanga offers. I found a lovely compromise! The dogtrout home. It combines a breeze way with a cute cottage/house like feel.


Kitchen and living room on one side, bedroom and bathroom on the other. Now, here's my big question, will we keep all doors locked as to not end up with unwanted guests? While I do love this, that is one thing that worries me....


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