Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Then you call me, call me in

you think I am your possession, you´re messing with a southern girl
but my recipe is on with your stale bread, yeah it´s hot

why do i start things, but then leave them without finishing?
i rarely ever manage to stick with things. it's depressing however thrilling when i actually stick it out and do what i began to do in the first place. hey, i did get around to finishing my 100 movies in less than a year last year! i told myself i would do it again this year too, but as you can tell that was a huge fail. i never even started. i think i got halfway through the 365 project ... don't even get me started on 100 things, did i even get 10 of them done!?! at least there's not a time limit on it and i can just keep adding...! oh, and my 101 in 1001 days.. yeah, didn't get that done either. why the rambling about all of this? well, i'm at it again.. i want to do a picture meme for each day of the week. obviously i won't do it every day, but i'd like to do it at least a few times a week! i also want to cook a different recipe each night for the entire month of june.
  1. Macro Monday
  2. Tangible Tuesday
  3. Words of Wednesday
  4. Thirsty Thursday
  5. F???? Friday
  6. S???? Saturday
  7. Soulful Sunday

BTW, did i ever mention that i now have all the parts to my nikon D70? i'm so in love! ♥


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