Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sticks and Stones

Combating Emotional Abuse; Emotional abuse is an often overlooked form of abuse. Words CAN and DO hurt.

What is Emotional Abuse?
Constant criticism. demands and rejections.
Unreasonable jealously and jealous rage.
Deliberate flirting and unfaithfulness.
Insults, rude nicknames.
Attacks on what a person is rather than what a person does.
Excessive or hurtful teasing.

Verbal abuse is a pattern of behavior that can seriously interfere with a person's healthy emotional development. Regular exposure leads to significant detriment of a person's self-esteem, emotional well-being, and physical state.

* Actions of ignoring, ridiculing, disrespecting, and criticizing others consistently.
* A manipulation of words.
* Purposeful humiliation of others.
* Accusing others falsely for the purpose of manipulating a person's decision making.
* Manipulating people to submit to undesirable behavior.
* Making others feel unwanted and unloved.
* Threatening to leave the family destitute.
* Placing the blame and cause of the abuse onto others.
* Isolating a person from some type of support system, consisting of friends or family.
* Harassment

 "If there are love and truth in the relationship,
life will sustain the relationship by itself.
If there are not love and truth in the
relationship, it will change."
From the book "The
Silent Whisperings of the Heart"


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