Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sickness & TMI

I was horribly sick monday. Apparently at one point or another I picked up some kind of stomach flu. Luckily it was just a short 24 hour bug otherwise I'd have really been in a mess! I absolutely abhor not being able to do things for myself. Sure the idea of being waited on hand and foot is appealing from time to time, but when you're sick and floating in and out of consciousness between frequent bathroom trips - you feel like a burden more than a pampered queen. I must say though that I have the absolute best and most amazing mother-in-law in the world.

That's right folks, I called it! She left work and came over around noon to find me on the bathroom floor awaiting my impending death. Unfortunately not long after her arrival I made a terrible mess of the toilet room, look, I know it's TMI and no one really wants to know this, but come on who hasn't been there!?! You're sitting on the toilet and you have the trash can in front of you - you're so weak you can barely hold your head up and there's no way you can pick that trash can up because it suddenly weights two tons. Then it really hits and your idea of ringing the trash, which just moments before seemed like a good idea, is anything but a good idea!

As much as I hate being sick I also hate the few days after when you think, "Wow, I could run a marathon now that I'm feeling better." Notice I said you think this because you get up only to find out that just walking to your bedroom door has left you sort of breath. That's where I was yesterday. I could get up and do a few things then I'd have to sit down to catch my breath and believe me, that gets old pretty darn fast! I have a little more energy today, thank goodness. I just ate a bowel of cereal - here's hoping! My first REAL food in days!!


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