Thursday, January 6, 2011

Concealed Carry

I wanted to take a moment to talk about Concealed Carry. On the news the other day they were talking about how Concealed Carry is a bad idea. I beg to differ but you do have to be aware of a few things before you make that choice.
You really need to do everything in your power to extricate yourself from problems. Why? Because your carrying a gun! Defuse the situation because you will be accountable in your ability to do so. Just because you are threaten with your life you will still go to court and be accountable for your actions. When you go to court you are going to be faced with, "Well you went looking for trouble, you faced off with that individual, you knew you where carrying a gun, you said things to him to escalate the conflict. He brought out a knife and you brought out a gun and you were the initiator of that conflict." If you carry it is to be used as a LAST I repeat LAST resort. After and only after you have gone though everything you can to defuse the situation and you can't run then maybe just maybe your cleared to engage. Although like I said you will still go to court and be accountable for your decision. What were your actions other then engaging with force. The judge may hate CCW. He may think that by you carrying a gun you are the biggest threat to society. Not only that but you have you live with that decision you made.

Think about all this before hand. Before you carry. If you can get out of there with out lethal force then you don't have legal problems... you don't have you live maiming a person for life or possible killing them. Then it's all good. Your not going to be a wuss I think your a better person for it. Your still alive... you have a clear heart about it... you get to go home you to your family... no going to court. If that's being a wuss then I'm a wuss. If you decide to carry I think you should be a skilled negotiator. Try to reason with the person if possible. Have I had to do this? YES! That is always the first thing I do to defuse a treat. I try to be a peaceful person. But I have been in a situation where I was confronted by two guys trying to rob me. After trying talk my way out of it without engaging I made my gun visible while still holstered. The attitude change rather quickly as they told me to have a nice day and walked away from where ever scum come from. I choose to carry because places that I work are not that great of an area. I don't ever want to use it but if something happened to were I needed it then I'd like the means to defend myself.


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