Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking for input!!

What are your thoughts on having large dogs inside? What about when you and your spouse are gone 8+ hrs. each day and the large dog is stuck inside and rarely gets to go out during the daytime unless it's on a weekend? How would you like to have that kind of life, only seeing the sunshine through a window for about five days a week. What if this large dog was/is high energy and needs more attention? What would you do?

My husband and I have two dogs, his black mouth cur and my chihuahua. We both love dogs immensely. However, with both of us working full time the dogs get a few minutes in the mornings before I leave to go out. If he gets off early enough and still has day light he will get out and play with them when he gets home, BUT the problem there is that he works late a lot. The most exercise they get is during the weekend. We try to take them to the dog park at least once every weekend, but sometimes that's the most exercise they get because we even have busy weekend schedules. Pudd, our chihuahua, could care less. As he's gotten older he only gets a good spurt of energy every once in a while and it's usually in the evenings before bed. Even when we're here with them he prefers to sleep all day - he's never been too active. lol. Frankie, our black mouth cur, is the complete opposite. She thrives and craves not only activity, but attention as well. Pudd is a little more like a cat in that he can do with or without it for the most part.

Another issue that we're having is that Frankie's shedding is increasingly becoming an issue with Chris' allergies. She sheds her coat everyday if not twice a day! Lately we've been having to lock her out of our bedroom during the day because she got into a habit of jumping up on our bed. Chris started having problems being able to breathe at night and we figured out that was why. I can seriously sweep all the hair up in the house and by the end of the day it's like I never touched it at all. Don't even get me started on the rugs!!! Chris can brush her, wash her, then brush her again and still get TONS of hair off of her, it's insane.

He began talking to me today about finding her a new home. One where she can run outside and enjoy her life. A home with someone that can give her lots and lots of attention. Is this wrong of us? We want what's best for HER as well as what's best for Chris' allergies! We love her so much, I can't imagine what I'll do without her. She makes me feel safe, but if I/we truly love her then we'll do what's right for her... right? She just doesn't seem happy being cooped up and she's constantly acting like she's just not getting enough love. :| I hate seeing her like that. 

Do we still want two dogs? Yes, but we feel like we need something that fits our energy level. Not a tiny dog, like Pudd, but something smaller than Frankie. Are we horrible for feeling this way?


  1. I don't think you're horrible at all. In fact, I think you're more responsible than some owners. I have a large dog, she's an inside dog, but that's because neither my husband or I have a job. We've got time to spend with her and neither of us have allergies either. She's getting older and doesn't have a lot of energy which really fits our lifestyle (not that we don't go out and play with her or anything) but she deteremines that now more than ever.

    The fact that you want to find her another home is fantastic. You've done what you can for her and you're realizing that she needs more. I really hope you can find her a new home with someone that has the time for her

  2. i totally agree with alicia. you guys are being RESPONSIBLE pet owners by wanting to do what's best for your dog!