Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Wrap Up.

The last day of 2010. Thank God. This year has been a VERY eventful year full of changes.
  • January found me with my first fully broken bone, a rib bone to be exact. There was a possibility of two being broken, but I didn't want to pay for an x-ray. lol.
  • I shot my first church wedding in March.
  • In April my emotions were getting the better of me. I was angry and emotional - a lot.
  • I went to New York and New Jersey for the first time in May. Had a great trip! Came back home and found out that my husband of 7 1/2 years didn't want to be married to me any more.
  • My little brother got married in June.
  • In July I turned 27, finalized my divorce and before the month was up I met Chris.
  • August was filled with trips to Jacksonville to spend time with my boyfriend, Chris. We rotated the traveling. 
  • In September Chris and I were married and I moved down to Jacksonville.
  • October found me teaching at a school that, for sake of a long story, I didn't feel was right for me.
  • November found me job hunting again. I also had my first family gathering with half of Chris' family.
  • Chris and I had our first Christmas this December! I also found an amazing job at the beginning of the month, teaching at a wonderful school. Oh, and our parents met for the first time! lol.
And that my dear friends is my 2010 wrap up. This year has been filled with many firsts and I know that I have many more to come in the upcoming year. I'm looking forward to a new year here in this new life of mine.


  1. sounds like 2010 was a fun-filled year for you!!! hope that 2011 is just as much fun!!!

    p.s. how did you get that tool bar thing with tweet/facebook/share...etc to show up on the bottm of your page!?!?