Thursday, December 2, 2010

With the changing of the seasons

I'm on of those lucky people that get strep and/or bronchitis more than once a year (perhaps it has something to do with the Fibromyalgia?). Needless to say, imagine my "surprise' when I encountered a red, swollen and scratchy throat yesterday afternoon. I spent the later half of the day drinking hot chai tea with honey and lemon juice, but to no avail - by the time night rolled around I was already gaining puss pockets on my tonsils that were accompanied with a slight fever. Oh joy. During these times in my life ibuprofen is my closest companion. I had a fairly restless night, the one time that I did get to enjoy a little deep sleep I was awakened by what I thought was Chris throwing up. However, as I fly up out of my sleep yelling at him I realize that he's still sleeping right beside me. Yes, I woke him up and scared him half to death! Upon awaking this morning I found that it was in fact our big dog, Frankie, that had been throwing up - on the bedroom floor. Got it cleaned, got dressed and took some good ol' ibuprofen. Now I'm sitting here sipping my very hot chai tea (with the honey and lemon juice) while I type up this wonderful entry. ^.^ Here's to a new day! I'll be leaving for my new job shortly, yesterday was my first day there and so far I'm loving the atmosphere very much!!


  1. Haha, what did I do when I woke up?

  2. I get strept throat almost every year, sometimes several times a year too. I never thought about it being related to fibromyalgia. I love chai tea when I'm sick and I also like green tea w honey, lemon & ginseng when I feel the strept coming on or sinus congestion.

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. btw...I wanted to tell you, your page is beautiful! I love the pictures and the background.